Has its predecessor as Lawyer Tran Cao’s Office, established under Certificate of Law Practice Registration No. 41.03.0333 /TP/ĐKHĐ issued by Ho Chi Minh City Service of Justice on June 04, 2007:
-Head Office : 28/9/14 Huynh Tan Phat St., Nha Be Townlet, Nha Be Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
-Tel.: (028) 38739031 – Fax: (028)38739031
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-Office: 36D Ly Chieu Hoang St., W. 10, Dist. 6, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
-Tel.: (028)37553666– Fax: (028) 37555669.
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-Established under Certificate of Law Firm Branch Registration No. 41.05.0683 /TP/ĐKHĐ issued by Ho Chi Minh City Service of Justice on Dec. 31, 2007.

-Office: 502/23/4 Huynh Tan Phat St., Binh Thuan W., Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
-Tel.: (028) 62766259 – Fax: (028) 37733159
-Established under Certificate of Law Firm Branch Registration No. 41.05.1016 /TP/ĐKHĐ issued by Ho Chi Minh City Service of Justice on Apr. 07, 2009.

-Office: 436A/32 3/2 St., W. 12, Dist. 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
-Tel.: (028) 62995852 – Fax: (028) 62995853
-Established under Certificate of Law Firm Branch Registration No.41.05.1740/TP/ĐKHĐ issued by Ho Chi Minh City Service of Justice on June. 06, 2012.

-Address: No 46/14, Tran Ngoc Len St, Ward Dinh Hoa, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.
-Tel: 0913. 754.009  -- (028) 38739031 
-Fax: 028.3873.9031
-Established under Certificate of Law Firm Branch Registration No. 46.05.0131/TP/ĐKHĐ issued by Binh Duong Province Service of Justice on Sept. 27, 2016.

 The organizational structure of   Tran Cao Law partnership Company is divided into four key areas in the process to professionalize the practice for lawyers to achieve the highest efficiency for customers:
-Lawyer - Law Specialist - Arbitrator TRAN CAO PHU - Chairman of Members’ Council cum Corporate Director, responsible for all operating activities of the Company and in charge of business consulting - investment law consulting - investment project consulting - tax law consulting - management consulting, protection and dispute resolution of intellectual property rights - international trade law consulting- Consultancy solve civil contract dispute: Economic and trade.

-Lawyer LAM NGUYEN THIEN NHON - Vice Chairman of Members’ Council, responsible for  bank law consulting, credit institutions law, in charge of inspection and oversight of all business operations of the Company.

-Lawyer Ky Minh Duc - Position Member Council Member Company - Director of Branch No. 3 of the Tran Cao Law Partnership Company.

-Lawyer - Law Specialist TRAN THI TUYET MAI - Corporate Deputy Director in charge of litigation charge in the cases: civil; economy; commerce; administrative; labor and criminal - labor law consulting; health law; economic law ; commercial law; civil law ; criminal law and administrative law.

-Lawyer - Law Specialist VO THANH TRUC- Corporate Deputy Director in charge of company business.

-Lawyer - Law Specialist DO HUU CHIEN - Corporate Deputy Director in charge of investment consultant for implementing the projects; litigation cases, cases involving foreign elements in the agency conducting the proceedings of the State of Vietnam.

-Lawyer - Law Specialist TRAN NGOC TUYET- Corporate Deputy Director  in charge of business operations of branch No 5 in Binh Duong.

-Lawyer TRUONG THI NHU Y- Chief of Corporate Translation & Interpretation Dept.

-Health field: Advice on labor disputes and dismissal for medical, counseling and attending the mediation of disputes between hospital medical care to the patient or between doctors and patients, counseling the problems of complaints and denunciations in the health, medical ethics council participation, professional council when health disputes occur: By Lawyer Tran Cao Phu and two deputy directors of the company Lawyer Vo Thanh Truc, Lawyer Tran Thi Tuyet Mai charge.
The branchs of the company operate independently in the professional law practice and accounting depend on the Company,  branch directorate are professional lawyers, have experienced include:
- Lawyer Tran Dinh Xuan - Director, responsible for the general management of business operations.
- Lawyer - Law Specialist Do Huu Chien - Deputy Director, responsible for finance and business.
- Lawyer - Law Specialist  Pham Xuan Tu  -  Director, responsible for the general management of business operations.
- Lawyer Huynh Tri Thuc -  Deputy Director, responsible for finance and business.
- Lawyer - Law Specialist Tran Thi Tuyet Mai - Director, responsible for operations in a law practice and general management in business .
- Lawyer Truong Thi Anh Dao - Deputy Director, responsible business.
- Lawyer - Law Specialist Tran Ngoc Tuyet – Director.
- Apprentice Lawyer Tran Cao Cuong - Deputy Director for Business.
- Legal Expert lam Binh Kha -
Deputy Director for Administration.
In addition, Tran Cao Law Partnership Company have many good  collaborator lawyers and other parts as advisory for the board of directors for company such as: translation department, technical department, financial accounting department and administrative organization department.
Our team of lawyers at Tran Cao Law Partnership Company with prestigious, experienced, skilled professional practice in the  field of consulting - litigation should have achieved very high results for our customers.
The principle of Tran Cao Law Partnership Company is to maintain and develop the brand in Vietnam market and international market. Therefore, the company's lawyers alway dedicated to make customers and create an environment perfectly legal service in Vietnam.
Consultants, Justifying, Protect Legal Rights in the cases of: Civil, economic and commercial, labor, administrative and criminal in the national courts of the detension period,  prosecution, investigation, indicting and trial stage (first instance, appellate, cassation and retrial).
 • Permanent Legal Consulting For Enterprises : consultancy established projects, foreign investment consultancy in Vietnam, consulting trading - business contracts, management consulting and protect intellectual property rights, consultant established - reorganization - dissolution - Business Bankruptcy, tax consultant - enterprise finance, management consulting and enterprise employers, investment consultant, banking Consultants.
Legal Consulting: Taxes, Finance and Accounting, Banking, Securities, International Trade Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law and the Other law.
Implementation of Legal Services: Starting a business, foreign investment licenses, testator, Inheritance, Civil, Housing, draft the application forms, contracts and Witness in civil transactions.
Translation: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, ... 
The Legal Services Have foreign elements: Immigration, Exit residing abroad, Repatriation of Vietnam, Rights of Inheritance, Real Estate Services, Registration of Marriage, Divorce,  Adoption Confirmation.
Special: Free Legal Advice for the individual is a citizen of Vietnam and Justifying (or protect the rights), free for those under current policy, difficulties with the certification of the Committee of permanent residence.